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Course locks and timers

Submitted by Hugh on 17 February 2017

One of the latest features in Lingopolo is course timers and locks. The problem previously is that you would be faced with lots of courses, some of which you might have studied a bit, and some not, and you never quite knew where you should be studying next.

The introduction of course timers and locks will show you exactly where you should study.

The initial state for each set of courses is for the first course to be unlocked and the others to be locked: 

Within an individual course such as Bedroom 1, you will initially see the Learn button is green for both the words and the Examples lesson:

When you have studied any lesson, Lingopolo will turn the Learn button grey, and display the time until the lesson is due for revision.

When both Learn buttons are grey - meaning that there is nothing currently to do in the course - then the following course becomes unlocked.

For example, below you see that the Animals 1 Course has both Learn buttons grey, and so when this happens the Animals 2 Course becomes unlocked.

Learn buttons on Course both grey

Back on the Animals Courses screen, we can see that the Animals 2 lesson is now unlocked and the timer shows that the Animals 1 lesson does not currently need to be revised:

Later on, when you have completed everything in Animals 2, then Animals 3 will become unlocked:

This will enable you to know exactly which course you need to be studying.