Understand spoken language

New progress information: Knowledge score

Submitted by Hugh on 9 March 2014

I am pleased to announce the addition of new progress information: a knowledge score for each quiz (including a global knowledge score for the words or phrases quiz). the knowledge score gives an objective view of how you are doing on each test. The higher the knowledge score the better you are doing.

Knowledge score in lesson summary

The knowledge score has its very own tab, which explains exactly what it means and how it is calculated. The idea behind the knowledge score is that it each word is in a state of learning, which is somewhere between not known at all (= 0 points for the word), to full known (= 10 points for the word). Thus, it is not just about tracking quantity (the number of words known), but also about tracking quality (the degree or amount to which words are known). The knowledge score displays that in a truly objective way.

Knowledge score tab


At the end of each quiz, the change in the knowledge score is displayed:

Knowledge score gone up

Of course, what goes up, can also go down. Here we see the knowledge score going down from 458 to 452:

Knowledge score gone down

I hope that your knowledge score will help you have an incentive to go not just for a large number of words known, but also to have each of the words known to a very good degree.