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New Thai-English dictionary and other dictionary improvements

Submitted by Hugh on 16 July 2015

I'm very pleased to announce the addition of a Thai-English dictionary, together with many other dictionary improvements.

Firstly, the Thai-English dictionary. This is something which I've had in mind to add for a very long time, every since the creating the English-Thai dictionary. It's now available and, as a student of Thai myself, I find it very interesting to look at an alphabetic list of words all beginning with the same letter.

Dictionary Thai-English

There are also many other dictionary improvements. To understand those, let's take a look at how the dictionary used to look in the old screenshot below. The first thing to notice is the annoying "Dictionaries" menu on the left of the screen, taking up lots of valuable screen space. Note too how the "Dictionary" tab at the top of the page is not highlighted, a small point, but one which means the Lingopolo user loses where they are. Finally notice how small and fiddly to click the letters are to change to a new letter.

Dictionary of phrases (old style)

Now, let's have a look at the new design in the image below.

Firstly notice how the annoying "Dictionaries" menu at the left has completely disappeared and been replaced by tabs.

Secondly notice how the "Dictionary" tab is now correctly highlighted wherever we are within the sub-tabs.

Finally, notice the much bigger and thus much clearer letter navigation links. 

English-Thai Phrases (new)

I hope these changes help your Lingopolo experience to be much better, and of course I hope it helps you progress in your study of Thai.