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Lessons directly integrated with words, phrases and dialogues

Submitted by Hugh on 31 July 2015

I am very pleased to announce that lessons are now directly accessible from their related words, phrases and dialogues.

Phrase tabs

Let's have a look at an example, the phrase "I'm not brave enough to do a bungee jump.". Phrases have each had their own lesson for a while now (see the "Learn" button now available for phrases and dialogues! blog post), but now you will see that each phrase has a new series of tabs at the top.

These tabs take you directly to the different pages of the lesson related to the phrase. For example, the "Lesson Summary" tab for this phrase shows that the lesson has six words: the five words in the phrase, and the phrase itself:

Lesson Summary tab

The Lesson Quiz tab allows you to select the type of quiz:

Lesson Quiz tab

The Lesson Content tab shows the detail of each of the words and the phrase in the lesson:

Lesson Content tab

The Progress tab shows, for the words in this phrase, and the phrase itself, where each word is as they progress through the levels:


Finally, the Mastery tab gives the summary of how well you have mastered this phrase and the words within it:

Mastery tab

If you are familiar with the Lingopolo lesson system, you will see it is the same as lessons throughout the system. The big difference though is that this lesson is directly accessible from the page for each phrase.

A similar thing has been done for each of the lessons for the individual words. If a word has a related lesson (which will contain that word, plus all the example sentences using that word), then this is now directly accessible from the page for that word.

For example, with the word dog, you will see:

"dog" in Thai

I won't go through each of the tabs again, as they are basically the same as for the phrases. I will simply show the "Lesson Content" tab for "dog". You will see here the word "dog" and the examples which use the word:

"dog" Lesson Content tab

Last, but by no means least, these lesson tabs are now available on every dialogue:

dialogue tabs

I'm particularly pleased that this is now available for dialogues. Up until now, there were lessons with the dialogue words, or with the dialogue phrases, but it was actually quite difficult to go from these lessons to listen to the related dialogue! Now it's very easy to switch back-and-forth between the dialogue and the lesson for that dialogue.

Happy Lingopolo language study!